This would actually be a serviceable links page if I just redirected it to my Pinboard links. More on that below, but here are...

Links to some interesting websites (circa 2015)

Making the World-Wide Web a much, much, better place for everyone


People say that no one blogs any more, but this is ridiculous. Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter are all variations on blogging. and LiveJournal are still around and seem to be doing fine

Non-web computer/net resources

Just for fun


I paid real money (see How to Save the Internet) to get an account with this great bookmarking service which lets anyone with an account save and tag links to your heart's content. It then gives you some simple but powerful tools to do things such as embed this tag cloud, which you can use to browse through my links:

And that's just my 40 most-used tags. You can see all of my tags here. And here are the eight links I most recently bookmarked: