Eugene Sharing Economy Map

(This map is presently considered by its creators to be "not ready for prime time"--that is, under development rather than ready for public use.)

The intention of this map is to display the gifting & sharing economy of our town, including resources that are free or generously offered substantially below market cost.

You can add places to the spreadsheet used to generate this map here


Community space Durable goods Education & information Food & gardening Health
Housing Recreation Social services Transportation

Other gifting/sharing economy resources

(unmappable resources)

Gift Circles are typically held monthly for in-person offers & requests, check the calendar on Kindista sidebar to see when and where upcoming circles are happening.

Other gifting/sharing websites

Kindista - Our currency is gratitude and public acknowledgement of people's gifts. Kindista is an online resource to connect with neighbors by posting offers & requests of goods, services, and more.

Tree Bressen's page on Gift Economy has an overview of relevant websites & books.